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Monday, 20 July 2015


The much awaited wage anomaly case is posted for next hearing on 21-8-2015.Further developments in the case will be reported thereafter the hearing.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


On 3-7-2015 our much awaited Up-gradation of Pay Scales Case came up for hearing and since the Department did not file the Reply statement for our contention raised in our affidavit filed before the Honble CAT ,Ernakulam Bench ,the Honble Bench directed the Respondents to file the Reply within one and the half month ,so as to proceed the case for advance stage.The next date of hearing will be notified soon in this blog.

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Our FDCP President visited New Delhi on 24-5-2015 and he stayed for a week in the Capital and during his visit he met our DG Shri.Lalrosanga, on 25-5-2015 and on the same day he also met Shri.Puneet Kaunsal,Joint Secretary(B-2),in the Ministry of I&B and on 27-5-2015,he met Shri.Pola Aanand Naidu,Our Additional Director General (Admn) and on 28-5-2015 he met Shri.Jitendar Shankar Mathur,the Additional Secretary in the Ministry of I&B and the sole Government side Reprentative in the Prasar Bharati Board and discussed about our long pending wage anomaly issue in detail and also discussed about the Recognition of our Association under the RSA Rules 1993 .The matter regarding to the Macp,Regular Promotions and In-Situ promotion to our Professional Cadres have been Persuaded with the competent authorities in the Directorate of Doordarshan for Appropriate and early decisions.The Authorities have assured that the service related issues will be resolved at the earliest.  

Thursday, 16 April 2015


The Federation Recognition came up for hearing on 8th April 2015 before the Honble CAT,Ernakulam bench for hearing and the Tribunal Pronounced the judgment on the same day.The extract of the judgement is produced below:
   "After hearing both sides,we are of the opinion that a direction can be given to the respondent no:3 to consider the application submitted by applicant no:1 as indicated in para 5 of Annexure A1 order of this Tribunal and to take a decision on the same after verifying the membership of the first applicant Federation within 4 months from today in view of the need for such verification indicated in Annexure M.A.3"

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Our Pay Parity case was listed on 30-3-2015 and since the Reply/Counter Affidavit was not filed by the Respondents ,the case was adjourned.The Honble Tribunal,Ernakulam Bench will be closed from 11-4-2015 to 17-5-2015 for Summer vacation.One month time has been granted by the Honble Tribunal for the Respondents to file their reply statement for our case and another one month time has been granted for us by the Honble Tribunal to file our Re-rejoinder for the counter statement and the next date of our Wage anomaly case is Scheduled for 3-7-2015.We hope that our case will be finalized on the same day.
    We appeal all our members to contribute liberally, so that we can meet the Legal expenditure.We are getting some contributions from the southern kendras only ,whenever needed.So once again we appeal our Friends from all over India to contribute reasonably, so that we can meet our Legal & Association expenditure.

Friday, 6 February 2015


On 4-2-2015 our case with regard to long pending wage up gradation was again heard by the Honble CAT,Ernakulam Bench and notice have been served to the competent authorities for reply and the next date of listing is expected by March end.
    Our President visited New Delhi on 1-2-2015 to take up our long pending grievances before our competent authorities for Redressal. On 3-2-15,our president met shri.Venkaiah Naidu,Honble Minister for Urban Development in Nirman bhavan and persuaded our case and he agreed to take up our issues with our Honble Minister for I&B.On 4-2-15,the president of fdcp met our Chairman of Prasar Bharati Corporation Dr.Surya Prakash at his chamber and discussed the matter regarding to our association recognition and he also assured his maximum support to resolve our grievances.Again on 5-2-15,fdcp President met our Honble Mos for I&B shri.Rajya vardhan singh Rathore in the Ministry and discussed the issues faced by our association in detail and the minister also assured that he will take up the matter with his officials for an early settlement.Same day the President also met the Additional Secretary,shri.J.S.Mathur and persuaded the Grievances for ventilation and on 6-2-15 a meeting was held with Brig,S,Visvanathan ADG{A&S} Prasar bharati corporation ,followed by a hearing with shri.Puneet Kansal,Joint Secretary{Broadcasting}for redressal of our Grievances.
    We are putting our maximum efforts to achieve the goal.But for attaining the gain we require the full support with maximum unity from our fellow members.Meet you again with latest updates.



Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Extract of Honble Tribunal"s Order for Our Contempt Petition

The Honble CAT Ernakulam Bench delivered its Order on 10-12-2014 for the Speaking Order received from Ministry of I&B for Our long pending wage anomaly issue is extracted below : 
 " The Petitioners have filed MA/180/1273/14 on 24-11-2014 producing a document dated 03-11-2014 marked as Annexure A-7 with a prayer that the same be taken on Record.Allowed.
      Though there was considerable delay in complying the order of this Tribunal,We note that.finally the Respondents,by the aforesaid order dated 09-12-2014 have complied with the order,though in a disadvantageous manner to the Petitioners. Mr.P.Santhosh Kumar.Learned Counsel for the petitioners submitted that the Contempt Petition can be closed for the time being permitting the Applicants to take resort to proper Legal remedies for redressing their grievances which are left unventilated.That request is allowed."
   Based on the above matter an urgent O.A has been prepared on 19-12-2014 by Our Federation with Consultation with our Senior Counsel and team and after December vacation of the Tribunal.,the Reply to the Ministry of I&B order dated 9-12-2014,will be filed before the Honble Tribunal in the First week of January,2015.The next update will be available after the case is listed for hearing.